Blending a depth of technical savvy, focus, and refined aesthetic sensibility, Jeff Culbertson and Jill Durst are devoted practitioners of their craft.

Their rich backgrounds and breadth of professional experience provide them the expertise and vision for bringing stellar design solutions to the families and individuals they serve. Culbertson and Durst believe that creating successful spaces means investing in understanding the lifestyle, tastes, and needs of their clients.

It means being sensitive, flexible, fastidious, and above all, collaborative. From start to finish, Culbertson and Durst jointly orchestrate the myriad elements of each project for a result that is emotionally resonant and structurally compelling.

Jill Durst’s passion for color, textiles, and furniture fuels her pursuit of inspired, elegant design. With studies in interior design at Long Beach State and NCIDQ certified, she has extensive experience across many facets of the industry and is internationally published.

Jill engages with her clients closely to discover their needs and lifestyle, and is sharply attuned to the distinct character of each space with which she works. These distinct yet intimately related elements of both structure and personality inform her process of problem solving. Jill works to create interior and exterior flow, blend existing and new features, and apply a refined aesthetic to each project that ultimately builds a cohesive picture. Insight from her many travels informs her designs, as does ongoing inspiration from her surroundings. Jill’s conscientious nature and enthusiasm for her craft are the tools that build the best spaces.

Design started in the fourth grade with Legos and advanced to drawing floor plans in the house he grew up. In high school, Jeff learned mechanical design.

Jeff Culbertson’s influences began with five years of architectural study, three of those at UC Berkeley’s School of Environmental Design. His expertise is in interior architectural detailing, space planning, material specification, budgeting, and project management.

Most recently Jeff spent the summer of 2012 working in China on several design projects. While there he presented a series of lectures to young designers eager to learn the American traditions of spacial composition and “flow” relating to interior design.

His award-winning work has been published throughout trade magazines and supplier brochures.

Jeff takes architectural inspiration from his extensive travels abroad. Conceptually, his designs often focus on establishing a sense of structural and aesthetic continuity throughout a space, while respecting the existing architectural integrity. He relies especially on familiarity with a client’s style of living to inform the process of creating or re-envisioning a space. Meticulous and detail-oriented, Jeff’s expertise shines amid the complexities of each project. His diligence in planning, communication, and management bring designs gorgeously to fruition.


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