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Blending a depth of technical savvy, focus, and refined aesthetic sensibility, Jeff Culbertson and Jill Durst are devoted practitioners of their craft.
Services Provided
We are a full service interior design firm specializing in the following: New Construction, Interior Architecture, Furnishings, Furniture, Lighting, Consultations, Space Planning, Color Consultation, Window Treatments, Draperies, Accessories, & Art

Jeff Culbertson and Jill Durst bring a unique, sharp-focused and creative presence into play. Whether re-inventing existing interiors or conceptualizing with the client from square one, the total process is one that is predicated on collaboration. Their combined experience of over forty years in the industry and their passion for design excellence inspires a vivid exploration and dialogue, merging the practical with the fanciful and the functional with the decorative.

CulbertsonDurst have garnered recent design awards and represent a wide client base in the Bay area as well as may individual projects throughout the United States. They consistently offer innovative and cohesive interior design solutions regardless of the scope of the project. From the modest to the fantastically complex, their reputation originates from an attention to detail and a strong regard for classic sophistication.


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